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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Budget friendly Montessori Activity!

Having fun while keeping the cost down! 

I absolutely love an activity which is quick to set up and budget friendly. This activity is so simple and yet helps to build so many different skills from fine motor skills opening those fiddly drawers to classification and language skills.

To set this up, I simply put the tower of drawers on one side (I bought this from the works and I’ve used it so many times, but you can get yours here) and a bowl on the other. In that bowl you can put anything you think your child will find interesting. For this activity, I have used three different shapes of pasta, but you could use Pom Poms, buttons, animal figures... anything really! Here we are sorting by shape, but you could sort by colour, size or for older children even something more complicated like where the animals live or how many legs they have! 

I will model the activity by selecting a piece of pasta and putting those of the same shape into the same drawer. There are three different shapes - one for each drawer! Remember you want to use as few words as possible when modelling so your child can focus on your movements and internalise what the activity actually is. 

It’s simple, quick and easy to set up and great fun too! 

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