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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Busy Rainy-Day Activity!

Shredded Paper Fun On A Rainy Day! 

Today was one of those days where one minute you could be basking in the glorious sunshine and three minutes later the heavens have opened and everywhere is saturated.

So, in between dropping Darren here there and everywhere to get his car MOT sorted, Arlo and I decided to engage in some not messy messy play! I must admit these are my favourite kind. All the fun of messy play but without the mopping at the end! 

For this 'animal rescue' activity, I collected a bit of shredded paper and some of Arlo's favourite plastic animals and shapes

. Some of the animals are taped down to make the activity a bit more challenging, others are simply placed on the tray. I then covered with a layer of the shredded paper. 

Arlo had a wonderful time digging through the paper to 'rescue' the animals. Once rescued, we role played the animals eating the paper, running around on the tray and talking to each other. 

The great thing about this activity is the minimal clean-up required. I stuffed the paper into the recycling bin, put the animals back in their storage tub and that was it! We were packed up and able to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine in the garden before the next wave of showers arrived. 

If you don't have one of these tough trays, I highly recommend getting one. They are surprisingly good value and save so much time on cleaning up and really help to keep the activity contained!

Here is the one pictured (I love this one because it is manufactured right here in the UK):


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