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Monday, 24 August 2020

Hey Duggee and 'The Tooth Brushing Badge!' A DIY activity for toddlers.

A budget-friendly, DIY activity for toddlers.  

Please note: We do not own any copyright to the image of Duggee or the Squirrels.
Hey Duggee - TM and © Studio AKA Ltd 2014. Licensed by BBC Worldwide.

If you're the parent of a toddler in the UK, I am confident you will have come across Duggee at some point. 

My son loves Duggee but hates brushing his teeth, so we decided to combine the too in the hopes of building positive teeth brushing experiences. There's also the added bonus of practicing those fine motor skills and strengthening a love for books. 

In today's invitation to play, I set up this Hey Duggee themed box (cleverly drawn by my wonderful Husband) along with a Hey Duggee book, some counters and lollipop sticks. 

The objective was to push the counters and lollipop sticks into the slot inside Duggee's mouth, then use the toothbrush to clean his teeth afterwards. 

As an added surprise, my husband put the images of all the squirrels inside the box, so that as Arlo resets the activity by removing the counters and lollipop sticks, he can see all of the characters inside. 

Once Arlo had finished the activity, we took the time to read the story and share in the beautiful pictures. 

You could adapt this activity to suit any character your child enjoys. Simple draw their face onto a cardboard box (or, if you aren't keen on drawing, print one out!), cut a slot or a hole in the mouth and present to your child. 

I guarantee this one will be a hit and it didn't cost a penny!

What do you guys think?


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