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Monday, 24 August 2020

Learning Towers or Pods

 What is a learning tower and why should I have one?

Hi Guys, 

You may have seen from a few of my posts, either on my blog or on Instagram, that I regularly use my Montessori learning tower (sometimes called a learning pod, toddler stool or kitchen helper). I absolutely love these! They are essential tools, in my opinion, for really integrating the Montessori principles into your every day life. 

Effectively, learning towers are a stool with sides which allow a child to reach the work tops safely (since the sides prevent them from falling). This means they can join in with tasks such as preparing dinner, baking break or preparing their own breakfast.

Initially, I wasn't sure if a learning tower would be used in our house and since they can be quite costly (usually around the £100 mark), I decided to try a DIY version first. At the time, we were on full lockdown due to the Coronavirus, so my husband build a tower using whatever pieces of wood we had lying around in our shed. Let me tell you, that thing was a complete and utter eyesore! Whenever friends came around, I would hide it outside to avoid anyone seeing it! Despite its ugliness, it was so incredibly useful I wondered how I had gotten by without one for so long. I used it every single day. 

If you would like to have a go at building your own, there are plenty of images and plans online, such as the one we used from We found this guide helpful, although because of our limitations for wood at the time, we created one fixed platform rather than cutting circular holes. 

If you would prefer to purchase an already built one, I recommend this one which comes in a range of colours and most importantly, is height adjustable so it will grow with your child. 

I promise that once you take the time to build or invest in a learning tower, you will never go back to life without one. They are invaluable! 

If you created your own, drop a picture in the comments or share a picture of your little one inside their tower! 

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