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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Montessori Inspired Play-Dough Activity Tray.

 Home-made Play-Dough - The Montessori Way! 

Who doesn't love play-dough? Those squishy balls of colour provide endless hours of play. Personally, I prefer to use home-made play-dough because Arlo still occasionally likes to put things in his mouth and I feel better knowing exactly what is inside it. If you are looking for a recipe, take a look at my absolute fool-proof recipe. It works perfectly, every single time. 

For this activity, I collected a few cookie cutter shapes (these ones are different kinds of fish), some utensils, a tray and some home-made play-dough. Due to Arlo's age, I try to limit the number of tools I give him to work with. Ultimately, I want him to have fun while developing his fine motor and grip skills. A smaller selection of tools will therefore be more beneficial. I will add additional tools over time as he gains confidence with the ones he has. For example, he still gets frustrated with the rolling pin and often asks for my help to get the dough flat. Once he has mastered this, I will introduce another tool to build up his skill set. 

I laid out this activity in the exact same was as I would any of my other Montessori activities. I laid it out on his activity station and waited for him to show an interest. I modeled rolling out the dough and cutting a fish shape, then adopted my role as the observer, only intervening when invited to do so. 

As this activity was sea themed, I chose blue food colouring in my play-dough and stuck to fish shape cutters, however the possibilities here really are endless. You could use animal shapes and green play-dough. You could use insect shapes on a pile of brown 'mud'. Anything you think your child will take an interest in! 

I hope you liked this Montessori inspired activity. If you have done something similar or have a comment or question, drop me a message in the comments box below. 

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