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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Summer Colours - Engaging With Nature!

Sensory Play - Capturing The Sights, Smells, Sounds & Feel Of Summer.  

Who doesn't love summer? All of those bright colours and gorgeous smelling flowers. We are rapidly heading towards Autumn, so I thought I would take advantage of those last summer dregs and give Arlo the opportunity to explore. 

Yesterday, I had spent several hours pruning our garden and as I worked, I set aside a leaf or flower from each plant ready for today's activity. Then, I arranged some beans, peas and lentils into a tray, added a scoop, two Lanka Kade dinosaur figures and placed some of the more intricate items (in this case the lavender and a yellow flower head) into the treasure tubes for closer examination. I made sure to include only plants that were not poisonous, however as long as you are monitoring the activity to ensure nothing is ingested, it should be fine. Just make sure to wash your little one's hands afterwards. 

Arlo showed interest in the activity immediately. I thought he would head straight for the dinosaurs, but he surprised me by investigating the treasure tubes first. He examined their contents closely, before moving on to the dinosaurs. He put them into the bean tray and had them 'eat' some before using the little spoon to mix the colours together. He then made his way through the leaves and plants. He took the time to smell them (as we smell the flowers in the garden regularly and had clearly remembered!). 

Arlo absolutely adored these treasure tubes. He could examine the flowers closely and the lids helped to trap the floral scent inside, giving a huge burst of fragrance as I lifted the lid. Arlo particularly enjoyed the lavender smell! 

Some days, I find it an almost impossible task to remain 'the observer' (this is a Montessori concept which involves allowing the child to engage in the materials independently, without adult involvement) as Arlo engages in activities. It is, at times, so hard not to jump in and help. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those occasions. Today, it was an absolute joy to sit back and watch as Arlo studied the different leaves, the beans and lentils and used the dinosaurs to bring the scene to life. 

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