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Thursday, 20 August 2020

Today’s activity! Water!

Water Dropper Activity.

This is a great activity for 1 year olds. Using a dropper takes some true fine motor skills! 

The objective here is simple! Move the water from the container on the left, to the container on the right using the dropper. I’ve also included a sponge to mop up any spills. Remember: everything the child needs to complete the activity is always included on the tray.

This activity is great for teaching your child fine motor skills to hold the dropper carefully, apply pressure when needed to suck the water up and release it again, move carefully so as not to spill anything and even to clean up after themselves! 

It’s inevitable that some squirts will miss the container, but this is all part of the learning journey. The more they do the activity, the more accurate they’ll become! 

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t use the dropper just yet, simply pouring the water from one container to another is great for now! 

As I mentioned earlier, if there are any spills your child should use the sponge or cloth included with their activity to clean up after themselves. This does take a bit of teaching on your part, but soon they’ll know exactly what to do without a word from you! 

I hope you liked this activity! 

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