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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Beep Beep! Sorting pasta by colour.

Using Dyed Pasta To Teach Colours

Arlo is now at the point where he is beginning to distinguish between different colours. To help develop this interest, I came up with a simple pasta activity that would work time and time again. 

First of all, I dyed some pasta in lots of different colours. To do this, simply spread some pasta out into little bowls or food bags (here I used foil take-a-way containers as they are cheap, easy to store and can be reused) and mix in a tsp of food colouring per cup of pasta. There's no need to measure, just add more pasta if your mixture is too wet and more dye if your pasta isn't bright enough. Give it a good stir and then lay it out onto some paper towels or foil to dry overnight. 

While this was drying, I used chalkboard pens to draw a picture onto my tuff tray and arranged some coloured cups and tools. 

In the morning, I simply put each colour of pasta into each cup and let Arlo explore the different colours. During the demonstration, I modelled selecting a colour and matching it to the correct place on the picture (for example: the red pasta is used on the car).

I know it will take Arlo quite a few more attempts to understand this concept, but it is certainly a great way to teach it! 

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