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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

We're Going On An Insect Hunt!

Using Nature To Create Engaging Play Activities. 

This one was a huge hit! One of the Montessori concepts you may have heard of is all about following the child's interests. Well, we were out on a walk over the bank holiday weekend when Arlo spotted an enormous beetle on the floor. It was huge! He was mesmerised for quite a while and even said 'bye-bye' when it was time to move on, so I decided to follow this interest by creating a bug themed activity.

I grabbed some of our bug shapes and some cuttings from our trees outside to create this effective yet simple scene. I arranged the leaves onto the tuff tray and hid the bugs underneath. I added a copy of our bright, colourful bug book, some tweezers and a scoop. The lettering I made myself by adding chalkboard paint to slices of wood. It is really effective and can be used time and time again! 

I then took up my role as the observer and watched as Arlo engaged with the materials. It is such a rewarding experience to sit back and watch children play as I can guarantee they surprise you more often than not! Today, Arlo surprised me by heading straight for the wood slices and using them to build a tower. After exploring this for a while, he started to notice the hidden bugs and had great fund sorting through the leaves to find what else was hidden beneath. Finally, we sat together and read the book, matching some of the pictures to the insects he had found in the activity. 

After he had finished, the activity looked like this. A clear sign it had been thoroughly enjoyed and played with!

Arlo definitely loved exploring this one and I can't wait to do it again! What do you think? Why not drop me a message in the comments box below! 

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