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Friday, 30 October 2020

Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington Halloween Sensory Play! 

Today I set up this activity for Arlo. We used dyed rice (find out how here), liquorice, and a set of stunning peg dolls. At the top you can see a 'treasure tube'. I cannot recommend these enough. They are worth every penny and we use them with virtually every play activity. They are great because Arlo can examine the resources carefully and focus solely on the way they look. We have used them to examine autumn leaves, sticks, rice, pasta, stones... everything!

The purpose of the activity was to fill the shape using the different colours. I demonstrated by showing how to scoop the rice and where to put it, but then let Arlo go to town! Surprisingly, he managed to keep almost all of the rice contained in the shape and only a few grains made their way onto the floor. It was a great, engaging activity and really helped to work on those fine motor skills controlling the scoop and rice. 

The nightmare before Christmas is one of my all time favourite movies and I really enjoyed creating this cardboard activity for Arlo. To make the board itself I drew the outline of Jack onto a sheet of cardboard and used a glue gun to stick strips of card onto the outline. I was rubbish at this the first time I did it, and it has taken practice, but it is super simple and if you know how to use a glue gun it will be a total doddle! 

The Peg dolls shown are from Stir Up A Story on Etsy. They were the first thing Arlo reached for and he absolutely adores them! The three segment tray is from Kinder Woodcraft who specialise in Montessori inspired wooden toys. Use Kimberly 10 for 10% off! 

We had so much fun with this activity. Who doesn't love the Pumpkin King? What is your favourite Halloween themed movie? Drop me a comment below and let me know! 
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