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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Bonfire Night!

 Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

This bonfire night is going to be very different. There are no firework displays to attend and we aren’t even allowed to visit friends and families under current lockdown rules, but I still wanted to make the occasion by doing something fun. I decided on this play idea as I know Arlo loves to scoop and play with loose parts, so this one was perfect! 

I drew the outline of a firework and used a glue gun to attach cardboard along the outline. I then painted it and left it to dry overnight! 

This morning I added some colourful dyed rice, beans, peas and pom poms along with:
💥@stirupastory phonics stones
💥 A couple of emotion stones which you can find @the.future.image (use the code Kimberley for 10% off) to show the range of emotions people might feel when they see fireworks.
💥And a Lanka Kade policeman to oversee our firework safet

Arlo had a great time pouring the different items into each section of the firework and he absolutely adored the alphabet stones! 

Do you celebrate bonfire night? 

Drop me a comment in the comments box below!


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