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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

FREE Card Matching Game resources

 New Card Release!

You may remember that a few months ago I released a set of cards for matching or play activities. Well, they've had a revamp to make the images higher quality and I have added a set with different vehicles too! 

This morning I had a go at this activity with Arlo. I used our Ikea table and filled one side with cous cous. I buried the cards inside and provided some tools such as tweezers, a paint brush and a scoop. I then demonstrated the activity by finding cards which were the same and making pairs on the other side of the table. Arlo caught on quickly and was able to pair up all of the cards completely independently. He wasn't sure about the cous cous sensation at first, but by the end he had both hands in and was having a whale of a time! 

Other ideas for the cards include: 

  • Match the animal toy or model to the card. 
  • Hide the cards in one tray and the animals in another. Fill with sensory equipment such as shredded paper, cous cous, rice etc. and allow the child to dig through and find matching pairs. 
  • Hide one of each animal around the house or garden. One at a time send your child to find the matching card. A great scavenger hunt! 
  • Present your child with some paper and pens plus copies of the cards as inspiration for art work. 
  • Turn the cards over and play a memory game. Can they remember where each animal is to make pairs? 
  • Take a walk. How many can you spot in real life? Some places, such as National Trust properties, have many of these animals such as: bird, squirrel, deer and you may even see signs of others such as a foxes den or a rabbits burrow! Many of the vehicle cards would be seen from just standing at the end of the road! 
  • Match the animal to the habitat. 
  • Match the vehicle to the job 'e.g. car to a family, van to a parcel etc' 
There are now two editions up for grabs, both are completely free. You can print them at home and laminate them for longer lasting use, or use them as they are. Here are the links: 

They are completely free, no strings attached

If you use the cards, or have any other ideas for how the cards can be used, let me know over on my Facebook group, or tag me on Instagram! Hopefully (with your permission of course!) I can update this blog entry to show some of the amazing activities you have come up with! 

Don't forget, you can also find us via our Facebook group and on our Instagram account. 

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